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New shade tents call Sydney Beaches home

In mid February all 15 Sydney Surf Life Saving Clubs started taking delivery of their new 5m long red and yellow Patrol Shades. Generously donated by DHL who identified the need to provide a robust yet quick and easy to erect shade, instantly recognisable as a SLSA beach station, these unusual looking structures quickly caught the attention of the news media. Nicknamed the 'hot chilli pringle' by the press, and 'red diaphragm' by ABC TV, the shade's shape also caught the eye of the public. Lifesavers became celebrities as their poses in front of the Patrol Shades were eagerly sought by tourists and amateur photographers.

However it is the functionality of the unit and its ease of use that has most impressed our members. Car Shade Australia, the Sydney designers and manufacturers claim one person can take the large double Patrol Shade, measuring 5.8m x 4.7m, off a small sedan's roof rack and have it fully assembled on grass in less than eight minutes. The product made from 100% Australian components has an official 'conservative rating' to withstand wind speeds of 120kph.

Car Shade Australia started making the product as a portable carport over 14 years ago. A double which sits outside their offices in Roseville Chase is from that era and still functions perfectly. Today there are many different models, the largest, 8sq m, designed for use over pools, car parks and at sporting and recreational functions. New designs and enhancements constantly evolve as different applications are considered.

More Patrol Shades in individual Surf Club colours are bound to start appearing as some clubs are considering the single Patrol Shade, 5.5m x 3m, for Nipper's beach activities and other events. As the shades can be made in over a dozen different colours and in all-weather fabrics a variety of choice is available.

Car Shade Australia would love to hear your comments about their products.

Call 02 9417 7738 during office hours and chat to their friendly staff or visit their web site at http://www.sydneyoperashade.com/

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